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Hi, I'm Cy.

And this is my landing page. It's nice to meet you.

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Featured Projects

4-H Fair

Somerset County 4-H Fair

The 4-H Fair App for the Somerset County 4-H is a web app written in Gatsby. The app allows users to:

  • See updates about the fair
  • View a fair map with their live location
  • See upcoming events
  • Keep a list of clubs they are interested in

The app will likely be used in the summer of 2022, since the 2021 fair has been cancelled.



CodeTools is a website that allows for quick and easy coding challenges in a browser. It also provides a way to easily test Java functions. It will be used as a resource for my APCSA class, so only the Java programming language will be supported.

All Projects

More Projects


A trig practice game to help improve your consistency for trig pop quizzes in Mr. Boop's AP Calc AB class.


A web API and UI for downloading and embedding YouTube video and audio.


An online learning platform, still in development, that I aim to use for a web development course.


A typing test written in Svelte, that pulls samples from


An AI-powered web scraper for fetching song lyrics that runs on IBM Functions and doesn't really work very well.

Cy2 Browse

An in-browser proxy for easily accessing blocked websites, or accessing sites from a different IP. Runs on Replit, so it might have to wake up before it works properly. Recently added support for POST requests and cookies.


A compilation of all the 2021 Ridge APCS final projects. (freenom domain; may no longer be active)


Playtools is an app that allows you to put YouTube videos in a container, which prompts users for their name, so that you can track who viewed your video, for how long, and how many times.


A collection of random HTML experiments.

4H Computers

4H Computers is my 4H club, part of the Somerset County 4-H. This is our website, where you can also find a link to our wiki we set up a little while back.

The Oracle

A random message from the oracle. Just for you. Reload for more, or GET for an unformatted version you can use in your apps.


One of my first projects, written in Python Flask. A simple URL shortener that lets you choose your own custom path. (this site is no longer up due to freenom expiration)

Connect 4

My first project with WebSockets. A simple Connect 4 game that's really easy to hack.


A NextCloud server I set up for myself and my family.

Projects I Contributed To

I made the homepage (this site is no longer up due to freenom expiration)

APCS Final Project

My 2021 APCS final project, that I worked on with a friend.


About Me


Hi, I'm Cy, a class of 2023 student at Ridge High School in New Jersey. I like web development, as well as software development and engineering in general. The projects on this page are only my web projects, but I have done many more, involving hardware. Interested in working with me? Email me at or contact me on Telegram @cyfinfaza.



Cy is amazing!! We've been using a really outdated website for students to check and run their homework assignments in AP Computer Science. In just a few months during his free time, Cy was able to build a new web app that allows teachers to create code challenges for students and tracks student progress. We will continue to use CodeTools in the future for AP CS homework assignments!

- Lauren Tan, Computer Science teacher at Ridge High School



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